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QuantWave Technologies Inc. was founded in 2016 and located in Waterloo, ON, Canada, a region known as the Northern Silicon Valley. ​QuantWave was formed to pursue the growing demands of a rapid detection device for the food&beverage and drinking water safety market through the application of microfluidic technology integrated with microwave sensing system. QuantWave aims to reduce the time for microbiological testing as well as minimize the capital and operational costs by providing a real-time, portable, intelligent, and cost-effective detection device. 


QuantWave is currently advancing in the dairy market providing producers and processors with real-time quality control and assurance solutions. QuantWave's rapid detection device can be used both in-lab and on-site to measure critical components and contaminants within samples, providing manufacturers and producers early warnings of abnormalities in a timely manner. 
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QuantWave integrates the microfluidic technology and a microwave sensing system to detect pathogens and contaminants in liquids with no incubation processes. This innovative combination allows QuantWave's device to achieve real-time pathogen and contaminants detection, which could significantly improve the manufacturing reliability and product quality.
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