Why QuantWave

  • Real time
  • Portable
  • Cost-effective
​​Through integrating the microfluidics and microwave sensing, QuantWave provides the customer a real-time and highly portable tool to monitor the pathogens in a timely manner and anywhere, facilitating the food manufacturers and drinking water provider to minimize the potential risk of pathogenic contamination and maximize the food/water safety.​​​​

Compared to existing products in the market, QuantWave product is the first one to be real-time without complicated sample preparation and does not require any pathogen labeling. Also, it is an intelligent device without sophisticated operation procedures which can be integraded into your existing facilities. Compared with other lab-on-a-chip applications for pathogen detection, instead of simply combining the lab-on-a-chip with molecular assays, our solution revolutionarily provide a new detection solution based on the differences of electrical conductivities for various pathogens.

​​DIP model:
The chip is configured to be completely immersed in the liquid sample. It targets on the customers who require real-time monitoring of production with high flow rate. The potential customers include but not limited to food producers, milk and other dairy producers and beer producers.

Microfluidics-based model:
It targets on the customers who require the bench test of collected sample and/or real-time monitoring of production with low flow rate. The potential customers include but not limited to drinking water suppliers, cosmetic producers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.



  1. Palm-sized. Provide capability of on-site testing
  2. Economically profitable
    Economically profitable
  3. Chemical free
    Chemical free
  4. Real time
    Real time
  5. Rapid testing
    Rapid testing
  6. User friendly
    User friendly

What makes it happen

Microfluidic chip

Reusable and cost-effective
Detection Device

Handheld and easy-to-use

Intelligent and real-time
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