Pathogenic bacterial contamination in food samples and drinking water is critical as it could result in deadly outbreak or costly recall. The best strategy to prevent outbreak or recall is to implement onsite rapid detection, which has not been available in most food processing facilities and drinking water suppliers.

The current detection methods usually take days to receive the results and do not reflect the real time information due to long waiting time of pathogen tests for food and drinking water. Under the worst circumstance, this issue will induce quality failures and economic loss due to product recalls and disease outbreak.

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10%      Pathogenic bacterial contamination in food
0.07%   Could result in lethality
28.5%    Death rate to children



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QuantWave is dedicated to providing a real-time, more cost-effective, easy-to-use and more environmental-friendly solution that will reduce contamination risk, enhance quality operation, and generate cost savings for food/beverage manufacturers and drinking water industries, and ultimately better protect public health.

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